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Industrial Automation

Pro Industrial Automation (PIA) creates complete Industrial Automation solutions in the Electrotechnology. Our offer ranges from advice and consultancy, hard- and software engineering, panel building, service and maintenance to the employment of personnel. From the design of the electrical installation to maintenance, you can trust on the knowledge and expertise of our employees.


BOV Trophy 2017

PIA, Perficio Advisors and WISI Consultancy are nominated for the BOV (Best Entrepreneur Vision) Trophy because of their special collaboration in which they bring people, technology and process together. On the 11th of May, the nominated were announced by the jury at the Pre-BOV in Etten-Leur. The jury consisted of Ferda van Benthem (Asselbergs & Klinkhamer Lawyers), Joost van Rooij (Witlox VCS) and Linda Hopmans (Randstad).

BOV means Beste Ondernemers Visie (Best Entrepreneur Vision). It is an initiative of and organised by JCI Etten-Leur (formerly Junior Kamer Etten-Leur). As the name suggests, the trophy is awarded to the organisation with the best entrepreneur vision. Because there are many employers, businesses and branches, this is examined yearly in respect to a certain theme. The theme of 2017 is “Partners in Business”. On the 11th of May 2017, the finalists were selected. The winner of the BOV Trophy will be announced on Friday, the 1st of September 2017, during the “netwerkborrel” before the start of Lekker Etten-Leur.

Partners / Partnerships

PTP-approach brings people, technology and process together

“How can I improve the design of the processes in my company so I can optimally utilise the capacity of the employees and technical possibilities?”

This question is frequently asked, and it becomes increasingly relevant. New insights, methodologies, and technologies continuously increase the number of possibilities. PIA, WISI Consultancy, and Perficio Advisors have collaborated to answer this question. Together, they offer a more complete service in which people, technology, and process come together. Using this approach, they help businesses by showing them where they can improve.

When improving the processes in your company, it is important to take a step back and evaluate. By making processes measurable, you can see where oppotunities lie. The first step in the PTP-approach is a thorough analysis in which three aspects are assessed:

People: The potential and employability of your employees
Technology: The capacity and production of your machines
Process: Lead time, planning and achievements
The combination of people, technology and process makes this analysis unique. By combining these aspects, you get a clear and complete view of the current situation. The chances that are made visible serve as a basis for an improvement plan. The expertise of PIA, WISI Consultancy and Perficio Advisors is optimally employed in this process to equip your organisation for the future in serveral areas.

Employees have experience and know the state of affairs within your organisation. Their input is of great significance when it comes to fulfilling improvement plans. With the results from the analysis, we collaborate to take opportunities in your organisation. We use different methods to involve and coach employees and teams.

As a part of the improvement process, we survey the effectivity of your machines. To do this, we have developed a method to register the capacity and speed of your machines. Using the results, you can quickly see where you can improve and how improvements will impact your organisation.

You want to achieve optimally in a durable manner, taking people and nature into consideration. This is possible if you are aware of the processes in your organisation and take advantage of opportunities. Our approach is aimed at the following measurable results:

  • Less waste
  • Shorter lead times
  • Better machine achievements
  • Less energy
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Less disruptions
  • Shorter conversion times
  • Higher quality
  • Better reputation and higher customer satisfaction
  • More attractive entrepreneurship

Because no two organisations are the same, we will gladly discuss chances and opportunities within your company. You can non-commitally arrange a meeting with us. During meetings, we will explain our approach in detail and answer any questions.

The PTP-approach is an initiative of PIA, WISI Consultancy and Perficio Advisors. Together, they offer a complete package for businesses in which people, technology and process come together.

  • PIA is an electrical engineering company, focused on the industry.
  • WISI Consultancy is an advisatory agency that focuses on improving the processes in the industry.
  • Perficio Advisors is an averagely big management advisatory agency, focused on durable growth of people and organisations, causing them to flourish.

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