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Industrial automation

PIA Automation (PIA) supplies complete Industrial automation solutions in electrical engineering. Our range extends from advice and consultancy, hardware and software engineering, panel building, service and maintenance up to and including the deployment of personnel. From the design of the electrical installation to management and maintenance, you can call on the knowledge and expertise of our employees.


Interregional collaboration between Viu More and PIA Automation Netherlands

BY PIA Automation / WEDNESDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2017 /

*This Interregional cooperation is financed within the Interreg V program Flanders-Netherlands, the
cross-border cooperation program with financial support from the European Fund for
Regional Development. More info: www.grensregio.eu.

Providing service and support during maintenance, field service and customer support activities is still done today by telephone or via a ‘normal’ video connection. This leads very quickly to a too slow response time, too low a first time fix rate (quality) and a too high service cost. These are the classic frustrations of the responsible managers today.
With Augmented Support, remote experts can provide more efficient, more direct and more quality support while solving complex problems. The application literally brings an extra pair of eyes and (virtual) hands on the spot to the problem and uses the Augmented Reality technology to realize this.

Viu More from Merelbeke is working hard to further develop the first commercial version of this Augmented Support application into a stable, innovative and high-performance product. PIA from Tholen is an innovative company that is always looking for the useful use of innovation technologies. Management is convinced that the use of new technologies as a so-called ‘first mover’ yields a competitive advantage. The collaboration between PIA and Viu More is therefore a unique opportunity to give a huge boost to the further development of the Augmented Support application in the short term.
The objective of the project is to carry out the necessary field tests together with regard to functional requirements and user-friendliness of the application. At the same time, necessary development actions and field tests are carried out to make the application independent of the quality of the mobile data network. For example, field tests will be carried out by PIA at their customers in industry, recreational areas and offshore. At the same time, the project will also be used to visualize sensor data from the Streetplug developed by PIA in the Augmented Support application so that the status of the Streetplug can be continuously monitored during the support.
The project starts on 1 July 2017 and ends on 30 November 2018.


BOV trofee 2017

PIA, Perficio Adviseurs and WISI is nominated for the Best Business Vision (BOV) trophy for the
special collaboration in which they bring people, technology and process together. On 11 May, the nominees were announced by the jury during the Pré-BOV in Etten Leur. The jury consisted of Ferda van Benthem (Asselbergs & Klinkhamer Advocaten), Joost van Rooij (Witlox VCS) and Linda Hopmans (Randstad).

BOV stands for Best Business Vision. An initiative by and since 2001 organized by JCI Etten-Leur (formerly Junior Chamber Etten-Leur). As the name implies, the best entrepreneurial vision is sought. Because there are many types of entrepreneurs, companies and branches, this is tested annually within a specific theme. The 2017 Theme is Partners in Business. The finalists were selected on 11 May 2017. The winner of the BOV trophy will be announced on Friday, September 1, 2017, during the networking drinks before the start of Lekker Etten-Leur.

partners / partnerships

MTP approach brings people, technology and process together

How can I design the processes within my company in a smarter way, so that I make optimal use of the capacity of the employees and the technical possibilities? A question that is often asked and that is also becoming increasingly topical. Because new insights, methods and technologies are becoming increasingly possible. To answer this question, PIA, WISI Consultancy and Perficio Advisors have joined forces. Together they offer a complete service in which people, technology and the process come together. In this way they help companies to adequately shape improvement processes.

You want to improve the processes in your company. Then it is important to first take stock. By making processes measurable and transparent, you gain insight into the opportunities. The first step in the MTP approach is a thorough analysis in which we visualize three components:

Man: The potential and employability of your employees
Technique: The capacity and production of your machines
Process: Lead time, planning and performance
The combination of people, technology and process makes this analysis unique. By connecting these parts together you get a complete picture of the current situation. Bottlenecks and opportunities become visible and serve as the basis for an improvement plan. The expertise of PIA, WISI Consultancy and Perficio Advisors is optimally used in this process to organize your organization in a future-oriented way in various areas of focus.

Employees within your organization know what is going on, have experience and this input is of great importance to give substance to improvement processes. With the results from the analysis we will work together within your organization to take advantage of opportunities. We use different working methods to involve and coach employees and teams.

As part of an improvement process, we map out the efficiency of your machines. A registration method is being developed for this. This will show the capacity and speed of your machines and you will immediately see where you can still achieve profit and what that could mean for your organization.

You want to perform optimally but in a sustainable way with an eye for people and the environment. This is possible if you are aware of the processes within your organization and take advantage of opportunities. Our approach is focused on the following measurable results:

– Less waste
– Lower energy consumption
– Less downtime
– Higher quality
– Shorter lead times
– Faster conversion times
– Higher machine performance
– Improve your reputation and customer satisfaction
– Increase employee satisfaction
– Attractive employer

Because no organization is the same, we would like to meet with you to think along with you about the opportunities and possibilities within your company. You can make an appointment with us without obligation. We then give a detailed explanation of our approach and can address your question or problem statement in a focused way.

The MTP approach is an initiative of PIA, WISI Consultancy and Perficio Advisors. Together they offer a complete package of services for companies that combine people, technology and process.

  • PIA an electrical automation company focused on the industry.
  • WISI Consultancy is a consultancy firm that focuses on improving processes in the manufacturing industry.
  • Perficio Adviseurs is a medium-sized management consultancy firm, aimed at the sustainable growth of people and organizations, enabling them to flourish.


Total automation solutions
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  • Panel construction (EX and non EX)
  • Install on-site
  • Service and maintenance
  • Advice and supervision
Customer-oriented solutions
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  • Flexible deployment of staff
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  • Non-brand bound
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