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At PIA Automation B.V., we take pride in our expertise in delivering successful industrial automation projects. With extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, we provide tailor-made solutions, whether it's production line automation, process optimization, or advanced robotics. Our dedicated team ensures thorough analysis, design, development, and implementation, with clear communication and close collaboration throughout the entire process.

Our projects leverage advanced technologies, high-quality materials, and proven methodologies to ensure quality and reliability. We strive for excellence in every aspect, from concept and engineering to installation, testing, and commissioning.

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and mutual success. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we aim to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. We look forward to collaborating on the success of your industrial automation project!



For water boards that, among other things, combat flooding, we can replace the complete electrical control of installations such as weirs, for example. PIA Automation will possibly take care of the entire process: starting with the design, which can consist of both software and hardware.

Only after you, as a customer, have approved the designs, do we move to the next phase. That is, for example, the construction of the control panel and the writing of the software. The controlled testing then takes place in the PIA Automation workshop. In the meantime, we are moving on to the removal of the old control system. The installation of the new one comes after this, after which it is put into operation.


Main contractor

When working for water boards, PIA Automation often also acts as the main contractor. In that case, we also arrange all additional work, such as excavation work and the like.


Port companies

We also carry out complete assignments for port companies. An example is the supply, modification, or replacement of a bridge controller.

Olie/gasbedrijven en offshore



For this branch of sport, we are engaged in so-called skid construction for gas or oil extraction on the other side of the world. We equip metal frames manufactured for this purpose with complete industrial electrical installations. These can, therefore, be transported without any problems.

On the other side of the globe, this technology enables companies to easily commission the installations for the extraction of gas or oil.


Oil and gas companies can contact PIA Automation for the entire process. We start with smart design for the control system in close consultation with the customer. The final result is then installed on the skid.

Explosion danger

The skids produced by PIA Automation are guaranteed explosion-proof. Many panels for skids are used in places where there is a risk of explosions. The employees of PIA are fully aware of the possible risks: those involved have all followed special training.


For machines in the food and non-food industry, PIA Automation constructs complete advanced industrial electrotechnical controls. The aim is to optimize the production process sustainably and economically: from proper processing of raw material to a high-quality end product. By listening attentively to our customers, we can design and produce the best conceivable custom-made controls, from modest controls to complete electrical installations.

We are also well informed about the food safety requirements that the production of resources in food must meet.

food en non food industrie


At PIA Automation, we are able to provide you with a solution in the field of energy distribution systems that meets your desires and requirements. Our experienced technicians specialize in the area of power distribution, ensuring that your project is always in good hands with us.

We specialize in comprehensive solutions, and we can take care of your entire project from start to finish. From building your system to commissioning it on-site.

Furthermore, we are proud to be a Siemens Alpha partner, which enables us to construct distribution cabinets of extremely high quality, incorporating the latest technology that will solve your technical problem.

If you are in need of our expertise, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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At PIA Automation, we understand the growing demand for efficient and sustainable solutions in the horticulture sector. That's why we offer advanced automation solutions specifically designed to enhance and optimize processes in the horticultural industry. From greenhouses to horticultural businesses, we aim to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce operational costs.


We are capable of delivering tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of each customer. At PIA Automation, we strive to transform the horticulture sector through innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Contact us today to discover how our automation solutions can enhance and grow your horticultural business!

Tuinbouw industrie


PIA Automation offers innovative machine engineering solutions for various industries. Whether it's automated production lines, packaging machines, or specific systems, we aim to provide solutions that increase productivity and improve operational efficiency. Collaboration with customers is central, as we translate their unique needs into high-quality machine engineering projects.


Contact us today for advanced machine engineering solutions from PIA Automation!



With a deep understanding of the unique needs of various industries, we closely collaborate with our clients to develop solutions that perfectly align with their specific requirements and objectives. Whether it's upgrading existing infrastructures or building entirely new systems, our experienced team of experts is ready to tackle the challenge.

At PIA Automation, we believe in delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions that enhance overall operational efficiency and have a positive impact on business outcomes.

Discover how our infrastructure solutions can transform and optimize your industrial processes by contacting us today!




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