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Errors and/or defects in electrical installations often manifest themselves in an increase in the temperature of installation parts. If these symptoms are not recognized in time, they will eventually lead to malfunctions and/or fire.


You can prevent this with a thermographic inspection, which is a good addition to the NEN 3140 inspection. Thermographic inspection is a snapshot, which is why it is strongly recommended to have this inspection take place periodically. This way you guarantee the safety of your employees and environment.


Thermography literally means capturing thermal images.
Thermal images arise from the amount of infrared light emitted. The warmer, the more infrared light.
We can make this infrared light visible with our advanced infrared camera.
The perceived heat (infrared light) is recorded by the inspector in digital images that can be included in a report.
This quickly provides a reliable picture of the errors and/or defects in the electrical installation.


Advantages of thermographic research

  • The method is reliable (digital images show exactly where the problems lie).

  • The method is fast and therefore has a high efficiency (many installation parts in a short time).

  • The installation does not have to be taken out of operation, so there is no loss of production.


After the installation (parts) have been checked, you will receive an extensive and clear report from us, in which all infrared images are provided with a clear conclusion. In the event of an immediately dangerous situation that emerges during the investigation, this will of course be reported immediately to the person responsible.

Do you need thermographic inspection? Then contact us quickly!

  • Well-trained and experienced inspectors

  • Independent and objective advice

  • Clear reports

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Thermografische inspectie



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